ABOUT quack Duck eggs

The farm is run by Simon Lamyman, who has been farming at South Kyme for over five decades and like his father and his father’s father, traditionally grew arable crops such as potatoes, crops of wheat, sugar beet, peas and oil seed rape.

We still farm all of these arable crops, but that’s not why you’re here. We have some feathered friends we’d like you to meet…


We care for our ducks from the very beginning, hatching them in our very own purpose-built hatchery. Their food is made out of a mixture of their favourites and what we know is best for their health, and this is reflected in the richness of their extra delicious, extra-large egg yolks.

What we have learnt over time that the happier our birds are, they more eggs they lay and the tastier they are, so it is really important to us and our customers that our birds are as happy as can be!


Simon started rearing our ducks over 20 years ago to diversify the farms produce and these years of extensive experience have given Simon and his team of egg pickers an in-depth understanding of the flocks we share the farm with.

As a result, our ducks reward us each morning with delicious, freshly laid eggs which we pick by hand and are then fortunate enough to share with the rest of the UK and parts of Ireland.


In the words of Mr Alex Bond, Superstar Chef, Great British Menu Finalist 2021, Owner of Amazing Michelin Star Restaurant Alchemilla in Nottingham and Quack! Egg Customer:

“I love cooking with duck eggs, their yolks are larger and richer. They have a fantastic texture and beautiful flavour”.

We agree and think they’re really, really tasty! Not only are they great in the incredible fine dining dishes that top chefs like Alex create, but their extra flavour also makes them a favourite for breakfast; scrambled, boiled, poached, as an omelette or fried (once over easy as the Americans say).

They are superb for baking too, as the albumen (the white) holds more air than a chicken egg.

Check out our recipes section for some tips on how you can best put them to work.

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