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Whilst you’re here, we thought you might be interested in who we are, what we do and how we do it.

ABOUT quack Duck eggs

We are an independent, family run business based in South Lincolnshire, where nestled under the shadow of South Kyme Tower, we and the generations of our family before us have been farming since the 1800s.

The farm is run by Simon Lamyman, who has been farming at South Kyme for over five decades and like his father and his father’s father, traditionally grew arable crops such as potatoes, crops of wheat, sugar beet, peas and oil seed rape.

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Why duck eggs?

In the words of Mr Alex Bond, Superstar Chef, Great British Menu Finalist 2021, Owner of Amazing Michelin Star Restaurant Alchemilla in Nottingham and Quack! Egg Customer:

“I love cooking with duck eggs, their yolks are larger and richer. They have a fantastic texture and beautiful flavour”.

We agree and think they’re really, really tasty!

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Not only are our duck eggs delicious, but they have lots of great health benefits too!


Duck eggs are higher in Vitamin A, D & E than chicken eggs.


Most people who are allergic to chicken eggs can eat duck eggs without allergic reactions.


They promote healthy skin due to their high levels of Omega 3.


A duck’s larger egg white provides a strong source of natural protein for those looking to tone up.

And even after all this, duck eggs have a considerably longer shelf life if kept refrigerated (up to six weeks) given their tougher shell! That’s a superfood if ever we’ve seen one…



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